Hello world!

I am a new blogger hoping to use this as a means to express myself in words and pictures, sharing the joyful bits of my life and maybe offering up a few questions for consideration along the way.  I’d love to share the creative parts of my life as that is where I find the most joy.  I do work full time, but the best part of my free time is spent in pursuit of creative satisfaction in several different areas, most of which would be considered “domestic arts.” 

I hope to share pictures of my sewing, quilting, crocheting and crafting projects, as well as cooking and nature/gardening photos.  I do love watching birds, but don’t have much luck photographing them.  My garden is a very lazy one, but in summer I love to snap photos of some of the visitors as well as the flowers. 

Another of my pastimes is the practice of Reiki, including an occasional Reiki share at my home.  There won’t be pictures, but there may be some comments related to these things.


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