Who/What is Chickadee Workshop?

Though I currently work full time, I expect to be retiring in about 4 years, so I have a plan.  I certainly don’t expect to be one who sits around watching soaps and complaining that I have nothing to do.  I already do some sewing for charities and I plan to expand that significantly, but of course, that isn’t going to pay for itself and I will have a fixed income. 

My plan is to make some of my favorite things and do a few craft shows each year with my husband who is a talented woodworker.  We decided that “Chickadee Workshop” was a great name for both of us, as we love the busy little survivors of winter.  They are industrious and tough and I love their appearance, as well.  So….WE are the Chickadee Workshop…though you won’t see hubby posting.

I have already begun sewing for the future; so far I have made some baby bonnets and some little clutch purses.  I will also make cloth gift bags, tote bags and whatever suits my fancy as time rolls by–probably some cloth dolls and doll clothes. I used to make cloth dolls twenty years ago and it is still a deep love of mine.  I just don’t have time to do it while I’m still working full time. I will post a few examples soon of my other projects.

Here is my little chickadee logo:



I may use him in my header eventually.  Credit goes to my talented niece, Emily, for drawing my logo for me.  Thanks Em!


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