A Favorite Thing

I discovered a recipe for homemade granola that I liked a lot, but it was too loaded with fat and way too many seeds and nuts…..too much insoluble fiber for a person who suffers from IBS.  So I started tweaking it until I came up with a granola that is equal in flavor and yumminess, but much easier on the digestive tract, as well as much lower in fat.

Judi's Granola

I eat this with lowfat soy milk, usually topping it with bananas, though fresh strawberries would certainly be wonderful.  You can sprinkle it on yogurt, ice cream, whatever.  I reduced the seeds, though there are some for health reasons.  I grind the nuts in my food processor to make them easier to digest.  Almost all added fat is eliminated; the whole recipe only has one tablespoon of canola oil and I added 1/4 cup of unsweetened applesauce to make up for the moisture loss.  I did take out the coconut; it has too much fat and it’s not the healthiest.  So we still get the good oils from the nuts and seeds, but not so much as before.  It’s got lots of healthy, whole grain oatmeal.  This is not a low calorie or low sugar granola, but I’ve made it much lower in fat and more IBS-friendly without sacrificing the flavors that I loved. 

This can be made with any sorts of nuts and dried fruits that you prefer.  I have enjoyed raisins, dried apricots and pineapple, as well as dried cranberries.  I just chop them up as small as I can with a knife, though you probably could pop the dried fruits into the food processor,  if you prefer, and just pulse it carefully till it’s rather small.  The fruit cannot be processed with the nuts, as the nuts are mixed in before the baking and the fruits are added afterward.

I make big double batches of this and freeze part for later.  It is best kept refrigerated, so that the dried fruits don’t bring on mold, but really, I eat it too quickly for that. 🙂

If anyone wants the recipe (it’s rather long due to lots of ingredients, but very simple to make) please leave me a comment and we’ll do it via email.


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