Current project

Nearly finished a batch (um…about 15 or so) of baby washcloths for a local charity.  I’ve had time on my hands while recovering from surgery and I just can’t sit like a slug in front of a t.v. for long…I have to keep my hands busy or I feel like I’m just wasting time.  These little washcloths are made from Carefree Cotton, which is a blend of cotton and acrylic.  It is fairly soft and certainly durable with the acrylic in it.  I’d like it better if it was sport weight, rather than worsted, but it is a rather thin worsted, so it’s all good.

Baby washcloths

I have several patterns that I could use for these, but these are the easiest and I can do them without a lot of complex counting while I watch tv.  I just alternate between the two or I’d be bored to tears.  Now that I’ve used all my cotton yarn, I will start on a baby afghan with some beautiful Bernat Softee Baby yarn in powder blue.  Maybe I’ll have it done before I go back to work next week.

These will go to our local Healthy Start program to be donated to low income moms with newborns.  I will probably serge some receiving blankets this week, too, and might get to crocheting some edgings on some fleece for warmer blankies.  I’ve been encouraged to make the receiving blankets 40″ square, as it’s big enough for swaddling.  Since I’ve been doing that, I’ve found some new moms that are my own friends who told me they really love the larger size, as it’s still a good light cover for babies even when they’re older, so I will probably always make them large unless I’m specifically making them for a preemie.


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