I call myself a “nature lover”…

but……not so much right now.  Until this week, my porch swing looked fine–just a little dirty and with a tiny tear in one seat cover.  We discovered THIS scene a few days ago, and blamed it on our cat (though we’ve never seen her doing this.):

Squirrel damage

I had cussed and fumed about my naughty cat and then….we were watching out the window at our little squirrel friend with mostly no tail (also blamed on our kitty) and there he was, sitting on the porch swing, ripping and tearing at the polyester filling, and stuffing his jaws full of as much as he could hold!  I wish I had thought to grab my camera. I am assuming that this is nesting material for him/her.  It’s not the right time of year for babies, but maybe he was just looking to add some warmth and insulation to his little niche.

Well, I do love my backyard visitors, but I’m not loving this at ALL!  I’m pretty generous in sharing my space with nature; I actually do things to attract many of them and I take joy in knowing that I help birds, bees and all manner of other critters to survive and thrive here.  I’m rather conflicted about this, but what can you do?  It’s the consequence of sharing space, I guess.

I’m NOT so conflicted, however, about the sudden onslaught of MICE in my kitchen.  I realize it’s cold outside, but we caught the first one with a humane trap and he probably came right back in.  So we had to resort to the nasty kind, and we’ve eliminated 3 of the little guys in very short order.  I’m not happy about it, but they are unhealthy crawling around on my kitchen counters.  Ick.    Oh, and as a word of advice, don’t bother with the 4 for $1 mouse traps at the dollar stores.  We tried peanut butter AND cheese and the mice were able to eat them totally clean without setting them off!  So we got some Victor brand traps and they worked fine.  Sheesh.


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