Where is it?

This week was my first one back at work since my surgery and a loooong week it was.  It was nice to hear that I was missed, both personally and professionally, by my coworkers and especially the nurses that our office clerks support with our duties.  I got several nice emails (and cake!) from a couple of the nurses letting me know how much I’m appreciated.  Who doesn’t love appreciation and respect?  It was a warm fuzzy that made my return easier by far. Especially when it contrasts with one about 11 years ago where my boss and coworker told me that they not only got all my work done with no problem, but there was less tension in the office.  I could tell a long, boring story here of why that was not all my doing, but I’ll skip it and just let you know that I have not changed, but I have different coworkers, okay?

Back to the subject in my title.  I can’t seem to find anything.  I don’t know what the problem is; I didn’t think I was all that disorganized, but this situation is proving me wrong.  I cannot find the receipt for the $200 kitchen faucet we bought 3 years ago that is leaking.  It is dripping, not from a loose joint or anything like that, but where the actual nozzle has deteriorated from the inside out!  You certainly don’t expect that from a high-end faucet.  The receipt should have been in with all the others from the kitchen renovation in late 2005.  It isn’t.  I thought I charged it on my Lowe’s card, but it’s not in those statements and Home Depot doesn’t carry this brand.  I’m lost.

I can’t find anything that shows what we paid in estimated taxes in 2008.  I only sent them in twice because Jim didn’t work after March.  My Quicken records were lost in a computer problem for about a 3 year period and part of what I’m missing is in the time period I need.  I tossed the checkbook register from the checks because I don’t need it after my statements are reconciled.  I don’t even keep a balance in the checkbook because of having Quicken, so it’s just not needed.    My online banking doesn’t go back that far either and I’m having trouble finding the hardcopies of the bank statements for that time period, also.  I never throw them away, so where ARE they?

I had my car towed on Dec. 13 and need to turn in the receipt for the towing bill to my insurance company for reimbursement.  I can’t find that either.  And we paid cash.  Sigh.  So I have a call in to the towing company to see about getting a duplicate invoice. 

I’m going to have to come up with something for the tax issue, since we are having our taxes done this Friday.  I don’t know what we are going to do about the faucet.  Total frustration here, and embarrassment that I can’t keep better track of my stuff.  I am a clerical worker and I should be better at this, shouldn’t I?  I make fun of my husband for being disorganized, and when it comes right down to it, if you can’t find your important sh– uh, I’m mean stuff, then you are NOT organized.

Addendum Mar.13: All of this worked out fine in the end.  The faucet we paid $250 for in 2005 is now $400!  Lowe’s honored the lifetime warranty even without our old receipt, because they know there are no other stores in our city who carry that brand.  Of course, we had the pain of having to remove and re-install, but luckily for us, Jim can do these things, so at least no additional expense involved.  Hope the new one does better! $400 is a lot for a faucet that only lasts 3 years. 

I found the missing numbers for the taxes and we got $700 refund from the state  and $5600 from the feds.  Whoo hooo!  We can actually afford the Disney trip. 

The towing business couldn’t find our original receipt either, due to a computer problem on their end that put them months behind on entering their data. They knew they had a hard copy, but couldn’t put their hands on it.  But the owner actually remembered the tow (from December!), where he picked up the car and where he delivered it…and he happily wrote us out a new receipt, so we got our money back from the insurance company.  How lucky are WE?  So none of my lack of organization caused us any money, just stress and time.   And now I am resolved to do better at keeping up, backing up, etc., etc., etc.  I guess I should have made that resolution back on Jan. 1– uh–when I didn’t make ANY resolutions.:-)


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