Valentine’s Day & Disney World

Okay, they’re not connected, but I’m writing about both of them today. 

We generally don’t “do” Valentine’s Day here, although sometimes there’s a card and sometimes not.  We just tend to not put a lot of importance on commercial holidays such as this one.  I know he loves me and there are at least 50 ways he shows that in a week.  He knows I love him and I do the same.  Heaven knows neither of us needs any chocolate, though, to be honest, I did buy a reduced bag of Red & Silver wrapped Hershey kisses in the drugstore just now.  If he buys my favorite candy, I have to ask him to hide it from me and dole it out very frugally, so I don’t make myself sick and fat(ter). 


I’ve never been into high-priced jewelry and I’d fall over if he bought me a diamond anything, especially without me telling him what I wanted.  I only have received florist flowers on the occasions of my children’s births.  He does occasionally bring me lilacs from somewhere when they’re in season here, but I prefer being taken shopping for bedding plants for my garden in the later spring time.  That’s my idea of fun.  That and having him help dig holes in the soil for me 🙂

Anyhow, we went separate directions this morning, not even thinking about what day it was, but I was happy knowing he was doing something he would enjoy, and I took the opportunity to do the kind of thing he doesn’t care for and I do best alone.  I ate a late breakfast at Panera Bread with a $10 gift card, browsed at Barnes & Nobles, though all I was looking for was a copy of Mother Earth News, and hit Hancocks  Fabrics for a 99-cent pattern to replace a $9 one I lost (and yes, another LOST THING.)    I’m quite happily sated with my solitary shopping/eating and now I have to get to the housework.  We’ll share our day when he gets home and I’ll make something we both enjoy for dinner.  Happy Valentine’s Day to you, however you choose to spend (and I mean that word both for time and material objects) it. I have no judgement of all the card and candy buying, jewelry, flowers, balloons, lingerie, etc. that others do….it’s just not my thing or his. Love is the issue and we’ve got plenty of that.  I hope your life is full of that, too.

We’ve decided to go to Disney World in late March.  Not only is this the first real vacation we’ve taken since July 2001 (I think), but the first time we’ve ever gone to Florida or Disney and the first time we’ve visited my brother in Bradenton (gulf coast), though he’s been there quite a few years.  I’m excited about going SOMEWHERE for pure fun, but nervous about the planning.  I checked on the Disney World website for tickets, reservations, etc., and it is a confusing maze of package deals and choices.  While I hate being locked in ahead of time for where I want to eat and when, it seems advance reservations are necessary to avoid long waits, and long waits for dinner would make hubby very, very annoyed.  I don’t want him annoyed, so we’ll have to sit down and commit to something before the weekend is out.

I am enjoying a nice long weekend.  Hope everyone else has a good one, too.


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