GPS oddities and a new faucet

We just got a free replacement on our kitchen faucet that was only three years old.  It actually corroded from the inside out, making a ring shaped hole in the actual part that the water comes out of.  We believe it was a manufacturing defect and it had a lifetime warranty, so we took it back and it was replaced for free.  While I’m relieved that they honored the warranty, we still had the inconvenience and aggravation of removing and re-installing, plus the trip back to Lowe’s and a 1/2 hour wait while they figured out how to process our refund.  The amazing thing is that this faucet set is now priced at $405!  I believe we paid about $260 for it 3 years ago.  Hope the new one holds up better–but if it doesn’t, we’re still under warranty. 

We broke down and bought a GPS for our upcoming trip to FL.  I’ve been playing with it, checking to see how it directs us in places where we already know the best, fastest route.  I’m very unimpressed, so far.  It takes us through ridiculous and unnecessary turns and costs us miles of extra travel right in our own town.  I can’t say I have a lot of confidence in it for traveling to FL.  I can assure you that we will print out our routes per Map-quest and probably only rely on the Navigon if we actually get lost!   Not that Map-quest is always right either.  I’ve seen some doozies there, too.  Ah well….adventure awaits!


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