Disney Trip!

Finally getting into the final planning stages for our FL trip.  We will be leaving home early next Fri. 3/20 and heading to Pollacksville, NC to visit with friends overnight.  Looooooong trip the next day from there to Plant City, FL….to visit more friends briefly, and then Bradenton on Sunday to visit my brother.  Monday the 23rd is Mickey Mouse day.  We will check in late afternoon and “case out” the place.  Hoping to get to Disney Downtown for some meandering….maybe we can get tickets to a show and have some kind of quick dinner there.

We are staying in Disney itself at a “value resort” which just means its their cheapest line, but we’re fine with that.  Clean beds and bathrooms and we’re happy.  We don’t plan to do much in it besides sleeping and showering, so don’t need deluxe accommodations.  We will do Epcot one day and Animal Kindom another day–these were the only parks we were interested in–and then check out Thursday a.m and head to Sea World for the day and back to Plant City for the night.  Beginning the long trek home on Friday and arriving back sometime Saturday.

All this detail is just for my family/friends who want to know where I am.  We’ll have our cell phones and should be reachable most times.  Daughter is staying at home, house sitting (she lives here) and cat sitting. Well….let’s hope she doesn’t sit on the cat, but feeds her when she’s hungry and lets her in and out according to her (the cat’s) whims. 

It will be sooooo nice to see some warm, spring weather, since it’s so unpredictable here.  It snowed, rained and sleeted today and was just plain ugly.  It all turned wet on the warm ground, so no big problems with it, but ick.  I just want some sunshine now.  We just spoke with our friend in Plant City and he said it was 82 today.  I want that!

I will probably post at least once more before being out of touch with my computer for over a week.  We don’t have a laptop; we’ll be leaving this technological part of our lives behind for awhile.  Not that we’ll be away from technology, though, with two cell phones, a digital camera and a GPS.  Last time we traveled anywhere for more than a day (2001 to Texas) we had neither of these things!  Amazing how we made it there and back, eh?


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