Warning! Domesticity attack!

So instead of cleaning out my car for the trip, I’m having this attack of wanting to shop, cook, bake and plan sewing & crafting projects.  Well, some of it is justified. I certainly need to have some small, portable projects to work on while I’m away, for times when I can’t do anything but sit in my hotel room or in someone’s house that I barely know (yes, I will be doing some of that.) 😦  I need something to read, too.  I still have to find a book that I can get into, but that’s not usually an issue for me.

I went shopping today and one of the things I need to do is clothing shopping.  I didn’t get to that.  I went to the thrift store and got 5 items for $1.25.  Fantastic wool blazers and a corduroy dress. They clear out their winter stuff just before spring and practically give any winter stuff away.   I buy these things for the fabric for future use (not my size)—oh, and the buttons are fantastic.   I got absolutely gorgeous 100% wool for small projects or a wool quilt I plan to make “someday.”

Then I went to Hancocks Fabrics and bought most of the fabric to make my grandson a new quilt, since he’s about to turn 13 and I last made him a quilt when he was 3.  He still has it and it’s falling to shreds.  That’s what everyone wants to see when they make their young loved ones a cuddle quilt.  They want to see that it was well-loved and used to pieces..  Of course, it had bright crayon colors and toy boats and airplanes on it–not at all the right thing for a 13 year old.  So he will be richly rewarded with a new one that has woodsy, nature designs–the perfect thing for a young man who loves to hunt and tramp the woods with his pop-pop Fred. Will try to post photos of the fabric tomorrow and will definitely have pics of the finished project….um–months from now.

The quilt is a project for after the trip.  I have another week off after my return from FL and I plan to make Julee another dress and then move on to the quilt. Haven’t made one in quite awhile, so I’m excited.  

I went to Michael’s and found yarn to make special small projects that I can’t talk about here, because some of them might be for persons who MIGHT read it here.  But I’m happy I found some yarn that I’ve had trouble locating AND I’ve got plenty to keep my hands busy while traveling.  I’m still working on a baby afghan, but that will probably be done before I leave.

Then I came home and decided to make homemade soup that took hours.  My beef veggie soup is wonderful on the kind of nasty day we had today.  It was cold and rainy and this soup made us both happy, plus we’ll have plenty for other days when I DON’T feel like all that cooking.   Days when I’ve come home from work wishing someone would just make me a cup of tea and tuck me into bed.  Might get a photo of that soup posted tomorrow, too.

Then it was on to homemade shortbread with chocolate and chopped hazelnuts on top!  Shortbread should be easy.  Heaven knows it sounds easy–there are only 3 ingredients.  But there is some science to it and I tried to rush the process, I think.   Oh well, it looks fantastic.  Will take photos after I cut it, but I’m still impatiently waiting for the chocolate to go back to being solid.  The topping IS easy–I just sprinkled about 1/4 cup of semisweet chocolate chips on top as soon as the shortbread came out of the oven and let it sit for 5 minutes.  Then I spread it evenly to cover the shortbread and sprinkled chopped, toasted hazelnuts (substitute your favorite nuts or leave ’em off if your prefer ) and a tiny bit of fresh ground sea salt. I hope I can make myself take pictures before I eat them all!  Oh, I forgot, I’m supposed to be sharing these with my brother who just had surgery and has returned home.  Dang.  Well, he can stand all that butter and sugar much better than I can.  Hope he likes them.

Credit for the shortbread recipe goes to Amy Karol, from her Angry Chicken blog.  She has a wonderful “cheat sheet” that she has posted with recipes for many of the things she makes repeatedly.  It is one fantastic page of basics you can keep on/by your fridge and it’s always handy when you need it. The basic shortbread is on the cheat sheet and she recently shared the chocolate topping idea with her lucky readers, too.  If you are a crafter, sewer, cooker, baker–a mom with young kids…any of those things, you can’t help but enjoy her blog.  Please check it out. (Link is provided in my blogroll.)

I was reading Amy’s blog tonight–after the shortbread–and lo and behold, today she has posted about making homemade butter. Oh my.  I know it’s easy and fun and fantastic, but do I need homemade butter?  And do I need another project of ANY kind this week?  Then I priced heavy cream. You only get about 1/2 cup/one stick of butter from a pint of cream, so it isn’t very economical.  But then, you do get the buttermilk too–for those wonderful buttermilk bisquits, hah!   That sound you just heard was probably my heart valves clogging right up from fat and cholesterol.  Maybe I should just THINK about homemade butter and bisquits.

Look for photos tomorrow, if all goes well….no, not photos of my heart clogging–that was not a good transition there—photos of my yummy cooking and future sewing projects.


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