Home Sweet Home!

We arrived back home from our southern trip yesterday at about 2:00 pm. We had a great time, but it’s always good to get home to your own bed.  I hate living out of a suitcase, and for the traveling half of our trip we were changing accommodations daily.

We saw Mickey and Minnie and the Disney crew, then moved on to Shamu at Seaworld. We journied to Mars, back in time on Earth, over glaciers in a helicopter and through an African safari. We saw a cute 3-D bug show inside the Tree of Life and a colorful musical tribute to the Lion King.  I got to see everything I set out to see and then some, though we were exhausted from the walking and Jim’s knee gave him fits.  We also visited a great museum in Bradenton, FL (thanks John), where we saw manatees and a wonderful planetarium show.  We had lunch just a few feet from the Gulf of Mexico and its beautiful aqua green vista.  I visited family and friends and I am so glad we went.  But I’m just as happy to be home, where I think my cat missed me (though she didn’t say so–she was quite nonchalant about our arrival) and I know my daughter did 🙂

We ate great food and gained weight (so did the cat), discovered a new favorite restaurant chain (Rainforest Cafe) where I broke down and did the tourist-y thing and bought their light-up drink cup that looks like a party when you turn it on.  We found out we have a couple of these restaurants within 2-3 hours of home, so we’ll probably make a day trip out of that sometime in the future.

I’m still catching up laundry, bank account info and trying to get re-organized and get some groceries in the house.  Cleaning out the refrigerator will have to come first, since I didn’t do it before we left and there’s no room in there.  I will post a few photos when I get them downloaded, and I do need to catch up on the ones I promised before I left, though unfortunately, we did eat the soup before I could get a picture.  I will definitely show you the chocolate covered shortbread.  Oh, and I forgot–we ate ice cream goodies at Ghirardelli’s at Downtown Disney.  Oh my goodness!  There are no words. Got pictures of that, too 🙂


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