Yummy food photos, as promised.

I did promise a photo of my chocolate hazelnut shortbread made shortly before our trip, so here it is:


This stuff was gone so fast it made my head spin!  I plan to make some more this week while I’m off, so Julee can have some (okay, it’s really because I want some more, too), since it was all gone before she got any of the last batch.  It is buttery, chocolatey goodness.

And next we have a photo of warm, fresh croissants drizzled in honey butter.  These were served as an appetizer while we waited for dinner at a place in Bradenton called “Hops.”   I could have eaten the whole plate full (um, four of us did serious damage to the first plate full and were brought a second batch.)


And  of course, there was the wonderful ice cream at Ghirardelli’s on Disney Main St.



and HERS:

100_0206And yes, we ate every single bite.  This was only an hour after a full dinner at the Rainforest Cafe.  It wouldn’t be right to say that food was the best part of our vacation, but it surely was ONE of the best parts.


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