A Promise Kept

I have roses!

Isn’t this a beauty?  100_0325

I wasn’t sure how it was going to go, because last summer (after a year in the ground here) the Japanese beetles just wanted to devour the leaves and the flowers till they were totally gone.  I don’t like to use pesticides, but I did have to decide to take care of this as soon as I saw a few holes in leaves.  I did spray, and as a result, I actually have flowers and healthy leaves.  I need to research, because I’m sure there are some organic ways to protect my one and only rose bush.

Arkansas (or is it Arizona?) Blue Star.  I love this delicate, lacey plant.  I’d love to have more of them, but they bloom for such a short time and I don’t want a bunch of just green all summer.


I planted 3 columbines two summers ago, and this is the only one that made it after the first season.


The veggies are doing great so far!


From the left: barely emerging potatoes,  green beans, double row of sugar snap peas, radishes, lettuce, and (barely visible in this photo) onions.  To the left and right of this view are four kinds of tomatoes and a zucchini plant.  They are all doing fine.  And yes, I know it’s time to do some weeding/hoeing and get some mulch on everything.

My most successful potato plant so far:


As you can see from this photo, I’m still battling tree roots in my garden.  It’s going to take a while for us to really till this enough to get rid of most of them.  We tilled and tilled and raked repeatedly, but we are still finding more.  There are huge pine trees just on the other side of our fence, belonging to the neighbors.  Nothing we can do but keep working at it.

Anyhow, 4 years ago when I started my flower garden, I was just beginning to put flower seeds in at the end of May….it took us that long to get the garden tilled and worked, since we were working with established sod.   I am really reaping the rewards of my 5th season of planting both seeds and perennials.  I have planted only a few wildflower seeds and some basil seeds this year in the flower garden.  I have so many perennials and things that re-seed themselves, so the work there is minimal now.  Just weed it and water it, mostly.  I’m glad I spent the time getting it well-established, because now I can concentrate of the veggies that are such a new adventure for me.

Thanks to Jenna at Cold Antler Farm for her wonderful, inspiring blog (see link at right) and her book, Made From Scratch.  This young lady (younger than my own daughters) has inspired me to get going on my own, very local food source.  If it works out well, great—I have some homegrown, healthy food.  If it doesn’t, what have I lost?—a few hours in nature, some calorie burning and some muscle building and stretching exercises?    Sounds like I win either way.

May your summer ahead also be fruitful, bountiful, healthy and satisfying to your soul.

PS: Happy Birthday to my youngest!


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