I Love this time of year!

It totally makes me giggle when 5:00 pm traffic on busy city streets is being held up by a family of geese taking their time crossing over to the river.  It is not an unusual occurrence in our town, as there is a river traversing right through the middle of this small city.  Daily I travel right past the section that has our city park, and the river is also across the street from my work place.  Families of ducks and geese safely (usually!) cross over and vehicles just wait.  What else can you do?  Many school buses travel this route also, as a middle school is directly across from the park.  It is really something to see the rush hour traffic in the morning, including buses, being delayed by ducks and geese who all seem to be oblivious to the danger and the chaos they are creating just doing their natural thing.

Tonight there was a family of mama and daddy goose and 9(!) goslings crossing right at the light by my office.  Traffic in my direction took off as the light changed to green, but traffic going in the opposite direction had to wait for the family to finish waddling it’s leisurely way across.  People just sit and roll their eyes and shrug.  It’s one of those things that just shows who is really in charge, eh?

Unfortunately, the turtles don’t fair as well if they decide to cross the street.  They are low to the ground and with traffic coming, it is hard to see them.  There are signs by the local high school where the large pond is, indicating that it’s a turtle crossing and to be cautious, but really, it’s hard to see them until it’s too late, so they don’t make it across as easily as the fowl.

My peonies are finally in full bloom!  I am stunned by their beauty.



And oh my, this rose takes my breath away….


Enjoy your long weekend; please stop and smell the roses, watch the birds, hoe your garden, take your children on a nature hike, get to a beach, a lake, a park, a mountain, or your own backyard, but enjoy everything nature has to show you this weekend.  I do not mean to take away from the Memorial this holiday is meant to be…but surely, if you lost a loved one to a war, they would also want to you savor LIFE in all it’s forms on our planet.

I read a lot of blogs written by mothers of young families and I am so impressed by the ones who are raising their kids to be conscious of nature’s realities and treasures.  I only regret that I did not do more of this with my own when they were young.  I stayed home with my kids till my youngest was 7–fourteen years!–and I am so sorry that I didn’t play in nature with them more and spend more time in creative endeavors.  I created my own art, but did not include them.  I wasted a lot of time that I wish I could get back.  With all I had at my disposal, I could have done it so much better.  I hope I can encourage them to do it differently when they are parents.


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