I’m sure many will wonder why I’m putting an exclamation point after that word, BUT……I have been asking my husband to put one back up for me for a whole year and he finally did it.  I thought it would be one more little change I could make to lower our fuel usage.  I have used a dryer for most of our marriage, but nearly always had a line, too, for beach blankets, towels when we had a pool, etc.  We took the last one down a few years ago to make room for a small workshop, but I decided I needed to have one again and that I would really use it at least part of the time for laundry.

The other reason for the exclamation point is that when this fellow does something–almost anything that involves construction–he doesn’t do it slip-shod, half-way, down-and-dirty, or any other phrase/adjective that means “less than great.”  It is a first class, made-to-outlast-ME clothesline, with concrete holding the poles in the ground and four top-notch lines.  Not only can we MOVE this clothesline, if we ever need to,  by removing the separate poles that fit down inside the shorter ones that are in the concrete, but the lines are tied to eye screws that are screwed into the holes in the metal cross poles, which means that should the lines ever sag unpleasantly, we can just tighten the eye screws.  See what I mean?

I thanked him profusely for his excellent skills and efforts and guess what?  Now that we have a clothesline, it rained the first day it was finished and it rained today and will rain tomorrow.  I think Saturday MIGHT be a good day for hanging clothes.  Sheesh. That’s okay, though; I plan to use this thing till I’m too old to do so.

Of course, this is to save energy and be more natural in my life.  It will save money, too, though I suppose we have to factor in the cost of the poles. But we didn’t pay for the actual metal poles; they were repurposed from something else.  We did buy concrete, wire, screws, paint and some small labor for a fellow to help husband with some of the job.  But since my largest motivation was the actual saving of fuel and not specifically MONEY, then it’s okay.  I am going to enjoy the smell of freshly laundered sheets again. I don’t expect to hang things out when it’s cold or even very much during the work week.  I am realistic enough to know that I won’t get up earlier to do that.  But I can save a lot of my laundry for the weekends when the weather report looks promising.

I’ll take photos this weekend when my laundry is hanging proudly outside.  And ponder just exactly how well built my chicken coop is going to be when it’s built by this fellow!  They will be some lucky chickens!  😉

UPDATE:  I managed to get some laundry hung out Saturday, which was just barely a clothesline day.  Here ya go.



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