Now about that radish-top soup…

So here is the result of the radish top soup:


It tasted better than it looks.  Think “cream of broccoli” or “cream of spinach.”  I was intrigued by the idea of using every part of the radish for food.   It’s just another venture into the area of being “self sustaining.”   Fresh radishes are great in a salad, but you can’t freeze or can them, so you really have to eat ’em while they’re here and you’re done.  I hated throwing away all that green stuff from the top (good for compost, though) and then I found a recipe for using it and I was happy.

It is basically sauteed onion and potatoes with some seasonings and the radish tops simmered in chicken broth/stock.  Then it is blended (I used a regular blender, but you could use the immersion type if you have one) and a small amount of heavy cream added and heated back up.  If heavy cream bothers you (for fat, calories or other reasons) you could certainly use low fat milk or soy milk, though it won’t be as thick or rich tasting.  I think low fat yogurt would be a great alternative, or even fat-free sour cream.

This tasted very good with the sliced radishes on top just before serving for some crunch and I added goldfish crackers, too.  You could certainly up the protein and flavor by adding some shredded cheddar cheese and then you have cream of radish w/cheese soup. Yum.

I ate this with some fresh, crusty bread.  Croutons on top would also be good, but I loved my hot bread for sopping up the last drops in the bowl.

I’ll be honest.  Jim did not care for this; he said it was a little too “green” for his taste.  But he’s also not known for liking any soup without meat or beans, so keep that in mind.  I made this when he was unable to eat much as far as foods that needed chewing, but he was happier with his canned bean w/bacon soup.  To each his own, eh?  I’m just happy knowing it’s something I can add to my repertoire of “backyard” food.


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