This chair…

100_0373was in my home before I was born.  I don’t know when exactly, but early on in my parent’s marriage.  I suspect that it might have been a hand-me-down from one set of grandparents, because the style didn’t match the furniture that they bought for themselves.  The only bedroom furniture they bought for themselves was VERY contemporary (they were married in the mid-1940’s) and clean lined.  I’m sure this style was out of fashion even when I was small in the early 1950’s.

Anyhow, I remember this chair in it’s original incarnation and I believe the wooden parts were dark mahogany.  I remember my mother polishing it on a regular basis.  The upholstered parts were a rosy-beige color, if memory serves, but at some point, I think it was a flowered linen-looking fabric.  Maybe my older brother can correct my memory on this if he chooses to jump in.

At some point (probably in the 70’s?) my dad painted the wood white and recovered the upholstered parts with a brightly flowered, quilted chintz and I think it was rather cute and was in my sister’s room at home and then she brought it to her own home in her married life.

When I got it last year, I saved it from going to the dump or Goodwill.  I knew the bones were good and it shouldn’t leave the family.  So we sanded and painted it, and had it reupholstered by a professional in a fabric that matches another chair in my living room and goes in nearly any room in my home (uhh…I like blue, what can I say?)  Right now it is residing in a spare room, but if I ever need extra seating in the dining room, living room, den or another bedroom, it will work fine.

Even with it totally redone, I can’t look at it without remembering my parents and my childhood, so it’s a very good thing.


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