The Fruits of my Labors

I mean, the vegetables, actually.  I’ve been eating buttercrunch lettuce, sugar snap peas, radishes and now just beginning to have green beans.  So far, the only veg that isn’t thriving is the onion. I think it just gets too much run-off from the workshop roof and not enough sun.  If that’s the only thing that doesn’t do well, I’ll consider my garden a great success.

The snap peas are really going strong and I’m going to freeze some this weekend.  Tomatoes are going to be amazingly prolific and will provide me with my first real experience at canning.  I’m determined to have some canned tomatoes for chili this winter, as well as some sauce for my pasta.  The cherry and grape tomatoes will be eaten fresh on my salads.  I also have a wonderful Rachel Ray chicken dish that uses grape tomatoes and fresh basil.  It’s just scrumptious in the summer.  My favorite thing to make with larger tomatoes is Tomato Pie.  Oh my goodness!

I’m fighting the beetles that are very determined to eat my potato plants.  I’m determined, too, so we’ll see who wins.

I’ve been too busy weeding, hoeing, straw mulching and picking the veggies to take photos in the past week or two,  but I’m going to update this post with a couple tomorrow, if it doesn’t rain me out.)

Also, got a new violin bow today, which is a rather motivating factor for me.  The old one was repaired with crazy glue and it was functional, but not great.  The new one is lighter and makes me feel more like a musician instead of a school child.


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