Julee’s New Dress

Here is the latest completed sewing project, modeled by its lovely owner:



Apologies for the somewhat blurry photos.  I’m going to try some better ones next time she wears it, but as you can see, she is quite happy with it.  It really is a lovely print and though fitting it was a bear, it turned out to be worth the effort. It doesn’t wrinkle and will come out of the dryer ready to go, so it’s instantly wearable and packable–always a plus!

The background color is the softest aqua blue and that brown just makes the most perfect complement.  We actually saw this fabric on a clearance table and fell in love with it before we saw the right side of it.  It has a soft little crinkle effect that you can’t see in these photos, but it really makes a much more interesting texture than the plain shiny fabric would have had.  It’s subtle, but very effective.

Glad I finally finished this one–she’s already worn it to a wedding and it was perfect for the outdoor affair.

Next on my list is my grandson’s new quilt.  Woo hoo!!!


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