Blueberry Pickin’ Day

Last Saturday hubby and I went out to pick blueberries at a local farm.  It’s been many years since I did this (25?) and I’d forgotten how easy and pleasant it can be.  In fairness, we had a beautiful day for it…not too hot…a little breeze and slightly overcast.  Bugs weren’t biting, so there was nothing unpleasant to deal with at all.  The bushes are high enough that you don’t HAVE to bend and stoop unless you want to (there’s lots of good berries down there though.) 

We came home with a plethora of berries for our 45 min. or so of actual picking.  This container was actually overflowing when we got it weighed. I think it was a one gallon container, but won’t swear to that.


The little booklet was a gift from my sis-in-law many years ago.  I dug it out of my cookbook cupboard and found the recipe for these!


They were good and the recipe made 24, so I surprised sis-in-law and my brother with the muffins and some berries. (The odd looking muffins actually were made in a ceramic heart-shaped muffin dish.)  Julee took one of the heart ones to a wedding reception for the bride and groom to share ’cause she thought they were romantic. By evening this is all that was left of the 24.  Truly, they were not as sweet as I prefer, nor were they as moist.  They were more like a biscuit than a muffin, in my opinion, but fresh and warm, with butter melting on them, they were very rewarding.  I’ll hunt up some different recipes for next time around.

Anyhow, because my husband decided to bend over and work for the berries that were lower to the ground, he got a terrible twist in his back that has caused him untold pain this week and two trips to the chiropractor, to be followed by a few more.  He is still miserable and so my trip back to the berry farm, if I can make myself go, will be solo.  I’m so happy with the berries and the ease with which they are picked and stored (drop ’em in a bag and freeze ’em) that I’m going to try to motivate myself to go again.  It’s also a good 35 minute travel time.

I made a peach-blueberry crisp last night, too.  Not the kind with oatmeal and nuts for the “crisp” part, but it was a flour, sugar, butter topping.  OH MY it was good.  We had scoops of vanilla ice cream on it while it was still very warm and it was heavenly.  I didn’t have quite enough peaches, so I added a cup of blueberries and the taste combo was terrific. Uhhhh….no photos because we ate it too fast for that.  There is only about a serving left (saving it for Julee.)

EDIT:  Went back today for more.  It was very hot and sunny, so I had to quit after an hour, cause I was at my limit in the heat of the day.  But I did get about another 3/4 of a container, so woo hoo!  Hurray for blueberries for my freezer (jam, syrup, cobbler, muffins, etc….)


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  1. Jen
    Jul 20, 2009 @ 11:31:31

    Yum! I’ve been eating blueberries, too. My Mom and Dad have a Special Secret Source for blueberries (a local lady who has blueberry bushes–they told her they would buy everything she wanted to sell and she has obliged.) They are so nice and easy to freeze, too, for winter eating. 🙂

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