Yum.  I made my first canning effort in, oh, maybe 30 years last night.  It was quite an undertaking for a working weeknight, but the Bing cherries weren’t going to be fresh by the weekend, so I jumped in and did it.  Worked on pitting the cherries while I watched t.v. for an hour.  Messy, messy job and rather tedious, but very satisfying in its deep cherry stickiness.

On to making the jam, which was a very simple recipe; basically, cherries, sugar, almond liqueur, lemon juice, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg.  Then to the canning, which was kind of nerve-wracking for me, since I’m not experienced at it.  It involved a lot of checking my instructions and double checking them, but I finally got it done and was cleaning up all that jammy stickiness at about 10 o’clock. 

So here is the beautiful result of the work:




The one on the right is not quite full, so we’ll eat that one up first….a huge sacrifice we’ll make 🙂

I got a fantastic bargain on the cherries at my local market, only about $3.50 for what amounted to 5 cups of pitted cherries.  I used 4 cups (very tightly packed) in the jam and got nearly 6 full half pints.  I thought it was well worth the effort  and I’m happy with the results.  Wonder if they will make it to winter?  I do love cherries…..I’m thinkin’ ice cream topping, hot biscuits with butter and jam, french toast.  It would be nice to give as gifts if I had more, but really, six half pints?  I think they are going to be mine, all mine.


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