Interesting day

A good day for shopping, beginning with the flea market.  I scored two fiction books for $1 to take on my trip next week, then found a vintage looking (repro) metal plaque for my sewing room, with two children having a tea party on their mother’s closed up Singer treadle sewing machine.   It was in very good condition and so cute.  I found a very nicely knitted white cotton sweater and booties in like new condition in 0-3 mo. size.  I’m not sure if I’ll donate this to my favorite local baby charity or save it for a future grandchild.  It’s a real treasure for $2.  I also found a gorgeous child’s dressy dress with lots of salvageable fabric and notions.

I also found a vintage looking (probably wasn’t) metal bread box with the roll top opening.  It is a plain metal that probably was a bit shinier when new, but still looks great with my stainless steel stuff.  I’ve been looking for something like this because I don’t have a bread drawer and hate leaving store bought bread, rolls, etc out on the counter in their wrappers.  It’s tacky and cluttered looking.  Did I mention that I only paid $1 for this and it just required a very good scrubbing?

Last item was actually a dresser set of silver plated comb, brush and mirror.  I doubt this was old, though it is an older, ornate style and of high quality (very heavy.)  Again not sure of my plans with this; just had to have it.  Might save it for future granddaughter (if I ever have one) or display it in the sewing room.  Don’t really have a suitable place for it.

Went to a local community Folk Jam at Barnes & Noble tonight (bought more stuff to read on trip, yay!) and was sorry to see there was not one fiddler there!  I was really hoping to connect with someone local who could give me some tips or practice with me or SOMETHING.  However, it was fun to see not one, but THREE mountain dulcimers being played.  They are very cool and beautiful and I enjoyed their sound.  There was a left handed banjo (!) and a couple of guitars.  The group needs to ramp up their energy and move their pace along (too much talking and such….I wanted MUSIC, dang it), but they were pleasant.  Anyhow, I didn’t get to talk personally to anyone, but they did mention that some people were coming later, so I think I’ll call the contact number I saw on the ‘net and ask about fiddlers.  Maybe they came later or maybe the fiddlers just weren’t there tonight.

I got three non-fiction books via Amazon this week, so I have lots of reading material and my fiddle to practice, as I expect to have a lot of hours on my own while hubby travels the hillside with old family friends, checking out old haunts and maybe shooting his rifle a bit.  His taste in t.v. isn’t the same as mine, either, so even while we’re relaxing in the motel, there will be times when I need my own form of relaxation. 

Only 3 days of work and then we’ll be on our way–about an 8 hour trip for us with an hour for a relaxing lunch and a couple potty/gas stops too.  And it’s beautiful countryside for most of those hours,once we get around DC and westward toward Luray.   I’m really looking forward to a restful vacation so I can mellow out.  I think that’s what vacations are for, but seldom are.

 My next chance to meet with a mountain fiddler will be next Sat. when I’m in Wytheville, VA for a family reunion.  I”m told there’s a family member who will probably play for us, as he did so last year.  And then in Sept. there is a Fiddler’s Convention in Berlin, MD, only twenty minutes from my home, so I’m looking forward to that immensely.  “Bluegrass” per se is not really my thing, but the fiddling should be diverse enough there to include plenty of what I do like.

The Cold Antler Fiddlers Summer Challenge ended yesterday with many video clips submitted for judging.  I did not submit for several reasons.  I don’t have any way to video myself (hubby HAS a videocam he doesn’t know how to use and I have never touched it) and I wasn’t really into the competition part anyhow.   I was just excited to have other people learning something new along with me.  We don’t know each other, but we were all embarking on a new skill and it was a nice connection. 

Well, off to dreamland.  I’ve been hardcore cleaning today, as we have company for dinner tomorrow.  I’m happy I get a chance to make my peach-blueberry crisp again!  It was so good and this time I get to share it with more people….I’ll try to get a photo before it gets eaten this time around–maybe with ice cream scoops on top.  MMMMMMM mmmmm, good stuff to dream about.


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