I served this delicious and easy lemonade with dinner for guests and it was a summertime hit!  I learned this method from Jenna Woginrich’s blog “Cold Antler Farm” and she calls it “masonade.”  Just squeeze 1/2 lemon into each one pint jar (I do try to keep the seeds out), drop the 1/2 lemon in and add sugar to your preference (1-3 tablespoons….we like 3).  I like to fill the jar about 1/2 way with warm water and then cover and shake it a bit to start the sugar dissolving.  Then fill it up with crushed ice and more water and shake it very well.  Store it in the fridge for awhile and you’re all set.  Lemons aren’t cheap here, so this isn’t a cheap-o beverage, but it is a special treat for my loved ones (and myself) to enjoy.  It’s simple and basic and make us all very happy when we are thirsty. 

I’d like to get some of those plastic lids they make to replace the lids with ring system for traditional mason jars.  I’ve seen them online, but not anywhere locally.  It really isn’t necessary for these to have the seal type, since they are not being processed and the two pieces are kind of a nuisance.  The plastic ones can also be used on any processed item, for instance, after you’ve opened the sealed one and you want to just store the item in the fridge till it’s used up.

If you really want to get back to basics in your life, lemonade, made with real lemons, sugar and water is pretty basic and sometimes the simplest things are the best.  And if you make some of these up ahead of time, there it is, just like a soda can, ready for you to take out of the fridge and pop open.  But better.


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