Mountain vacation – Part 1

We arrived at our vacation place just a bit behind schedule, having had our car struck by stones flying off of a quarry truck ahead of us on Interstate 81 about 1 hour north of our Wytheville, VA destination.  We dealt with that by taking the next exit, which happily had a State Police office a couple of miles in.  The windshield is cracked, but useable for now, and the business owner says he will pay to replace our windshield.  Faxing him the estimates soon, and he promised a check.  We’ll see.

The rest of our short vacation was nothing short of blissful.  Probably the least stressful and most enjoyable vacation I’ve ever had.  I did not want to ever come home.  But I still have…and need….my job, so we did come home.  I have never taken so many photos, both still shots and short videos, of anything ever.  The first full day there we  wandered the countryside with my husband’s cousin retracing places where Jim grew up.  Things have changed a lot in 50 years.  But midway in the meandering he took us to the campground where the family reunion was to take place and I fell in love.  I took pictures and just soaked it in for an hour or so and then we returned to visit family and such.

Here are just a few of the more than 100 photos I took of the creek and surrounding area.  This is Cripple Creek and it is located in the town of Cripple Creek, Va.  The stream runs very fast and the sound of it is nothing short of musical.



Alas, I cannot embed videos here without an upgrade, so you will miss the lovely sound of the water, but trust me, I had a hard time tearing myself away from this magical place.

This campground is about 1000 feet long and about 120 feet from the creek to the road and the family has campers parked all along the back edge.  Stay tuned for “Part 2” 🙂


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