I love Friday night; it’s like someone just set me free to breathe again.  Took these photos last night and they express my feelings of the moment.




These two photos were taken within a minute of each other in very close areas of the sky.  Amazing.  I think I’ll use them as wallpapers on my desktop.

Garden news: Okay, so we had to have at least one total failure, didn’t we?  I’m just sorry it was my potatoes.  It was our first time growing them and I did everything right, mounding them into hills as they grew and covering them with straw.  Hah!  I did all this just to feed the moles or voles.  We dug up one hill a couple of weeks ago and the potatoes were very tiny.  Jim dug up the rest of the hills today, expecting a nice little harvest from our 10 or so hills.  What he found was empty spaces where small potatoes WERE.   We must have quite a bunch of hungry critters; we’ve certainly seen their evidence in the hills they make all over the yard

I’ve rarely been successful growing any type of bulbs, either, as I recall, and I think these guys are to blame for that, too.  Oh well.  No bulbs, no potatoes.  I still have young carrots growing in a very distant part of the yard, so I have my fingers crossed that they might not be “discovered.”   I will probably have to give up on growing any type of tuber or root veggie, unless it’s in a container.  That might be my only hope. 

Happy weekend!  We’re expecting rain from tropical storm Danny, but I don’t care.  Two days off to mellow out in. Hope you enjoy whatever you do with yours.


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