Another vacation is over.

I do have to return to work tomorrow (I know!  What was I thinking to go back on a Thursday instead of taking two more days?!) but I have just completed a great week with my middle child visiting home for the 1st time in 3 years.  We shopped, ate and went to the beach.   Mostly we laughed a lot, especially watching videos online with youngest daughter.   I hadn’t been to the beach in two years and this week I went twice!   Wendy and I visited Assateague Island on Monday (her favorite) and Wendy, Julee and I went to Ocean City on Tuesday.  

Both places have their merits, Assateague being quieter and more focused on their wildlife.   But their parking fee was outrageous ($15 for a one week pass, with no one day passes available!) and hard to find.  We wound up on a beach mostly for people fishing and we squeezed into the safest spot we could find to not get hooked.  It worked out fine, but it was a stressful beginning.

Ocean City is the big resort, with boardwalk and all that, but we stayed strictly on the beach and a Tuesday in September was not crowded.  The weather both days was great and we got in a lot of swimming.   We did have a problem with biting flies at O.C., until we finally figured out that they were being drawn like a magnet to my very expensive, citrus scented 70 SPF lotion.  After one very long session in the water we decided not to use that one again and switched to Water Babies.  Those flies had been biting right through the Deep Woods OFF we were spraying directly at them on our legs.  Neutrogena makes the citrus scented stuff and trust me, I will be emailing them about this issue.   Why would you want to use an outdoor product on your skin that is going to attract insects???  

Here are a few of the scenes from our day yesterday:


Julee on the left; Wendy on the right.



Happy girl on the beach…Wendy.


Quiet time.

And….self explanatory:






Um….anonymous lifeguard man candy that just “happened” to walk in front of my camera as I was aiming at the ocean landscape, ahem.


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  1. chickadeeworkshop
    Sep 19, 2009 @ 22:04:14

    UPDATE: The Neutrogena company thanked me for my input and is sending me a full refund. I have had very good luck over the years with letting companies know that their product is unsatisfactory. Most will send a refund and an apology. I did notice one company that actually improved their product; I had to figure I wasn’t the only one who complained. And now, with email, it’s so much easier to contact them.

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