Stinkhorns in my yard

I first saw these last year and have occasionally seen them after prolonged periods of wet weather.   Here are some of this year’s crop of stinkhorn mushrooms (I think this is the one that’s Latin name translates loosely to something like “elegant dog” though I would have to disagree with that.)




These sort of resemble carrots when fresh, but some varieties are definitely more phallic appearing and I’ll leave it to you to look them up if you so choose. Just do a search for “stinkhorn” and you’ll find all the photos you could ever want.

 All of them produce a foul smelling slimy substance on the top and sides that attracts flies.  The flies get the spores in this substance on their feet and fly them off to other areas–a pretty nifty method of spreading their DNA around. 

These things pop up and then “deflate” in the space of a day or so.  The main part of the organism is actually underground and this is just the very visible reproductive part. I would estimate their height at about 7-8″.   I could do without ever seeing them, but they are kind of…different.


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