Reiki–a very good idea

I am so excited to announce that I offered to do free, brief Reiki sessions at my workplace and they accepted my offer!  I will be offering 10 minute sessions by appointment for my coworkers at the health deparment where I work and I am so happy that our health officer accepted my offer and our Health Promotions people will be announcing it and handling the appointments for me.  Anyone who wishes to have a session can make an appointment and use their 15 minute break.  I will be doing a 1/2 day in each of our three buildings, so people will have time to get to my room, sign their waiver (yes, a necessary piece of paper), have about 10 minutes of Reiki and get back to their desk in their 15 minutes.

I was thrilled that my health officer and the health promotions director were not only familiar with Reiki, but happy to learn that they had, not one, but two Reiki masters in our workplace.  Our other Reiki master would love to help me with this, but we have to use our own leave time and he is down to a measly two days.  I can’t blame him for not wanting to give that up; we work very hard for that leave and he works a compressed schedule, squeezing his 40 hours into four days.  He also works a part time job elsewhere. 

I’m going to have a brief description of Reiki to go with the announcement and, of course, people can email if they have questions.  I am not promoting this as a “healing” thing, though it most certainly can be;  I am offering it for its relaxation benefits.  Our workplace is full of stress due to budget cuts, reduced staffing due to layoffs, furlough days and reduced pay.  I thought everyone could use a little stress relief and this is something I can actually DO! 

About one day after I heard that I was going to be allowed to do this, our health officer sent out a memo to all of us stating that she appreciated us and wished she could offer monetary compensations to show her gratitude, but since she can’t, we were welcome to make suggestions as to some types of events that would cost little or nothing, but might lift our spirits and make us feel more valued.  I am hoping that I started that ball rolling by making my offer. 

One coworker (someone who I’d never expect to come up with this) suggested letting each of us have a 1/2 hour session each month in which (with our supervisor’s approval as to the timing) we would be allowed to go to a specified computer and just play games.  It could be monitored time-wise by our login, so it couldn’t be abused.  We currently have game icons (the typical ones that come with Windows XP) on our screens but they are not available to the users of the network.  If they just made them available on one designated computer in each building, that would be all we needed to put this into affect and each of us could have our little half-hour game session to help us decompress.  I hope others come up with ideas as good, free,  and easy to implement as this one.  It just might help us cope with the tough times that are probably going to get even tougher, with more budget cuts to come and probably more staff shortages made worse by H1N1 flu.

If you have a big “What the heck is Reiki” question, please check out  It is a most reliable source of info.  Click on the Reiki FAQ tab on the left column of the home page for basic info.  Feel free to leave questions for me in my comments and I will do my best to answer.

I am buzzing with anticipation of my Reiki day (probably in mid-November.)  Woo hoo!

In other news, I made apple butter and homemade pumpkin pie from pumpkin that I roasted myself.  Will post with pics on that tomorrow.  Happy Friday….and I don’t care if it rains all weekend, which is exactly what we are expecting here.


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