Snow Hill Fiber Festival

I almost forgot to write about the festival last Saturday!  The weather was iffy–very windy and sputtered rain towards the end of the day, but we enjoyed our time at the festival.  There were vendors with all sorts of yarns, mostly from natural fibers, handmade soaps, baskets, dyed fabrics, boiled wool turned into beautiful handbags and even jewelry made from wool fibers.  The only purchases I made were soaps.  I bought the most interesting “felted wool soap.”   It’s a bar of homemade soap wrapped in wool roving and when you wet it the wool will “felt” itself and shrink tightly around the soap.  When you use it, the wool acts as your washcloth.  Now isn’t that a novel idea?

There were alpacas to pet (I’m just a kid when it comes to petting zoo situations, so yes, I gave the alpacas lots of love) and there were supposed to be sheep, but I saw none.  There was a lovely, huge angora rabbit belonging to Upper Room Studios, and lot of spinning wheels, carding machines and other tools related to turning fibers into clothing.   There was also live music and some food.

The truly amazing thing, though, is that I found my future fiddle teacher at the fiber festival.  The oldest daughter and partner in the Upper Room Studio business is also a violin teacher.  She has taught her younger brothers and sisters and currently has another adult student (older than ME!) that she works with.  She is going to be away for a month doing a midwife internship in a foreign place, but she agreed to work with me when she returns.  I am so looking forward to that! 

You just never know when or where you are going to find what you need, but the fact is that you usually do find what you need…when the time is right for it.  In fact, I’ve heard a saying about that specifically concerning teachers.   I think it is, “When the student is ready, the teacher will come,” though I’m probably paraphrasing, since I don’t know the origin of the quote.


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