Successful Reiki day

Yesterday was the day that I offered 10 minute Reiki sessions all day at my workplace.  I didn’t have as many people as I would have liked, but everyone that came was a newcomer to Reiki and everyone left relaxed and thankful for the brief period of stress relief in their day.  Some were really awed and surprised by the effects.  I had a couple of people tell me that they can never relax and have a tough time sleeping, but that they were very relaxed and could have probably gone into a lovely nap if they were allowed the time. (People had to use their 15 minute break time for this, so there was no option for staying longer.)

Some of the people scheduled for early in the day went back to their office and told others how great an experience it was, so I got people added onto my schedule who were not on it when I printed it out.  It was way cool!

What was really odd, though, was that the first two people I worked on were my boss’s boss and HER boss.  They (and most of the other clients today) are nurses.  It is good that their minds are open to other methods of helping people besides traditional medicine.  Our U.S. society is gradually coming around to alternative methods of healing, and that is a very good thing.  I didn’t promote this as a “healing” thing, though, just as relaxation therapy.  I didn’t want anyone to come in expecting me to heal them.  Reiki CAN and does sometimes heal things, but that is not what I was offering for today.  (Hey, if anyone got rid of a headache or something, all to the good, but it was just not what I was aiming for today.)

I am glad I took my leave time to offer this.  People were relaxed and grateful, and I felt happy to have been the one to offer the service.  I’m planning to offer this again in a few weeks, and I’ve had a couple of inquiries about doing it for other groups. Some would be free, like this one for my coworkers; for some others, there would be a small fee.

I think I wound up with 10 clients today and, of course, I would have wished for more, but one thing I know for sure is that when it comes to Reiki, the practitioner has to leave ego behind and trust that the people who were supposed to get Reiki got it.  And everyone left with one of my business cards, so there is a good chance of being called by someone to do a full session at home.


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