Holiday leftovers

Now that title doesn’t really sound appetizing, but what I really mean is that I’m catching up with my posting and I realized I didn’t post anything at all about my holiday.  It got busy, of course, and so I’m catching up the important things now.  We had a quiet holiday (didn’t go out or entertain for New Year’s), but we did spend some time with our family and it was fine.  Good food, fine people.

We had brother Dave and his wife Linda over the day after Christmas for some dessert and Scrabble.  Also joining us this time around was Linda’s brother Dale, who lived with us for a time when he was in his teens.  It was a great visit. 

Food looked like this:

And then like this:

The game was played with 3 teams of two people each.  (I begged off because I was tired, so I got to take photos and watch without pressure.)  These photos show the intensity of the play.

What the photos DON’T show is the fun and silliness involved in this game.  We laugh a lot when we play Scrabble, even though there is some serious competition going on…at least for some of the players.  I am not a competitive person and neither is Linda, but the others are seriously trying their best to win.  Somehow, it all dissolves into a lot of laughter at various junctures along the way.

Hope you had some good family time, some good food, and some serious silliness to relax you in your holiday times.


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