Snowy Morning

Let me first say that I am not fond of snow.  I hate driving in it when it’s slippery and dislike it half-melted, slushy and dirty.  I am also not a morning person, so getting up early to go to work is my least favorite time of the day.  Put a snow day together with a get-up-early work day and you would think I was going to be in a really bad mood, right?  Well, first of all, it was Friday, which helps immensely.  I woke knowing that I would have two days in a row to sleep in after this one. 

On this snowy Friday morning, I left for work with a smile on my face knowing that if I hadn’t needed to get up early for work, I would have missed the beauty of THIS morning:

These photos don’t do it justice, but it was the best I could do in the few minutes I had to step out on my deck and do a few clicks of my camera before hustling off to work.  The ride to work was breathtaking as the snow was still falling.  Even two hours later, the beauty of it was gone.  The wind came up and blew the fluffy flakes off the trees and the sun melted much of the rest of the coating that was on the trees and shrubs.  I guess that’s why the view at 7:30 was so special–it’s just so fleeting.


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