Oh my gosh!

Since I posted the last Snowy Day photos, we have had two more huge snowfalls.  In fact, last weekend we got 10″ and this weekend we got between 14″ and 20″ (depending on your source.)  We only average about 3-4″ per YEAR here, so we are all kind of stunned, to say the least.  Kids are missing school, businesses are losing profit, we are all getting cabin fever.  The place where I work is opening 2 hours late tomorrow, which is unheard of.  I suspect that the people who couldn’t have gotten there by 8 will not make it by 10 either.  Especially since schools are closed, meaning that there are a lot of roads unplowed and driveways unpassable. 

The most amazing sights were actually late Friday night when the trees were iced up and loaded with heavy snow.  I got these  then, just before a stint of rain happened.

The first one shows, in the background, a huge holly tree totally laden with as much as it can hold.  The one below it is our iced up lilac bush.  Unrecognizable, but still beautiful.  Then the rain came and the wind blew all night, gusting up to 50 mph.  It blew most of the snow off the trees, so they didn’t look so impressive at all.  But this brief time was a winter wonderland.  The wind blew the snow off in clumps combined with clumps of pine shats.  The yard looked like a hurricane happened on top of the snow, with pine shats and limbs everywhere Saturday morning.  And then the snow started up again and covered everything with about another 6.”  This snow was light and fluffy, so it didn’t stick to the trees the same way.  It was easier to shovel the top layers (so says my husband) but underneath was icy and heavy.  It’s been a mess.

Lucky for me, my car was in the garage and husband ran the big truck up and down the driveway to make a nice path for me for going to work tomorrow.  I’m not happy that it’s Monday already, but I did have a productive weekend, making two loaves of homemade bread, chocolate chip cookies and homemade chili.  It’s the first time I’ve cooked the beans from scratch (dried kidney beans) and it came out great.  It’s more time and trouble, but it is cheaper and it made me feel very virtuous <grin>.  I got lots of fiddlin’ practice in, too.


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