Good Friday night

My week was crappy, but I came home happy, despite the fact that it was dreary and raining, with a promise of a possible 5″ of rain for us on Saturday.  (Sooooo glad that is not going to be the equivalent in snow!!!….40″???   Ewwww.)  I have plans for things to do that don’t involve being out in the mess.

But things got better when I arrived home.  I heard that my online friend (who I’ve never met), Jenna of Cold Antler Farm got approved for her home loan and will be moving to her OWN piece of land where she can grow her veggies, chickens, geese, rabbits, turkeys, goats and become the true shepherdess she wants to be.  I’m so very proud and excited for her. Jenna has been doing her best to be a homesteader on rented land and she does it so very well, but now she can really soar.  Go Jenna!  I firmly believe that the positive energy and outlook (along with hard work) is what brought about this next step in living her dreams.

And along those same lines, one of MY dreams is to have a camper where we can stay for occasional weeks of idyll in Cripple Creek, VA.  Today Jim heard from his cousin in VA that he has found us a possible camper well within our budget that he thinks we would like.  He said he’d buy it himself if he hadn’t just recently replaced his own.  I’m so excited!  We are on the lookout for email photos coming our way, but ideally, we will be going to see it within a week or so.  If all goes well, we’ll buy it and “plant it” at the family campground while we are there and we’ll be well on our way to having our vacation place.

We are so grateful to have someone helping us on this project.  It is one thing for someone to SAY that they will help you find a camper, but quite another for them to actually watch for one and go check it out for you.  Jim’s cousin is apparently the same kind of dependable person that Jim is.  There aren’t a lot of people like this around who will make the effort on your behalf.   He has promised to help us make arrangements, move the trailer, etc.  I believe he will do just as he said.  It’s so much easier to go this way than to buy one up here and have to transport it 450 mi. over mountains and through big city freeways. 

So, stay tuned for updates on the progress of one of MY dreams.  Goin’ up Cripple Creek, goin’ on a run, goin’ up Cripple Creek, have a little fun…….


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