It’s Done!

My grandson’s new quilt was started last October and finally completed on 3/26.  I promised this quilt two years ago and bought the fabrics one year ago.  Finally got myself going and got it done.  I gave it to him on his 14th birthday Saturday and he was quite pleased.   Some of these photos have strange effects due to the sunlight and shade situation.  The colors are mostly natural greens and browns, with an occasional blue accent.  The backing is mostly a print that resembles an antique map.  I didn’t have quite enough and had to “frame” it with another blue, but it’s fine.  I wish I could have found more of it, though, because we all love it.

I wrote a simple label, so if it ever winds up in an antique store or becomes an heirloom, people will know when it was made and by whom.  If it gets totally worn out from being used, loved and laundered, that’s fine, too.  That’s what has become of his toddler quilt that was made about 11 years ago.  A quilter cannot have any greater compliment than the fact that their quilt was so loved and appreciated, especially by a baby/child for whom it was made.  So much love goes into the time spent on creating something that will warm and comfort a youngster and it really gives the creator of it great joy when that purpose was so obviously met. He’s going to give that old quilt back to me for some final “repair” work, before it is packed away for safekeeping.

I know these photos are very lacking in detail, but the center squares of each block feature various nature elements: feathers, birds, bears, deer, trees and fish.  The triangles around them are birch trees and the dark green print that frames each square has pine shats with pine cones. The dark blue accent squares are leaves.  I accented the center of each main square with a rustic wood toned button. The quilting is minimal–mostly stitch-in-the-ditch, a small amount of “echo” quilting, and some tacking—using some arrow-head shapes and some plain zig-zag “dashes.”  The buttons also serve as stabilizing elements.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Jen
    Apr 04, 2010 @ 13:03:04

    Very nice! I like the color combinations!

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