Fish story and clouds

We got our camper all set up and we were happy to find that ALL the appliances AND the air conditioning worked.  The painting of the frame got done, though it will probably get another coat when we get back to it.   Couldn’t get Jim to let me buy the reversible comforter for the camper, so we woke up VERY cold one night.  Live and learn.  My happiest time was the time I spent alone reading by the creek.  Jim’s was undoubtedly the day these photos were taken.

We fried this guy up and ate it with fried potatoes and onions, and baked beans. Good stuff!  Way more fish than we could eat, so we passed along the extra.

I tried to capture the special light and contrast in these clouds, but did a sorry job of it.  Not bad photos, but they don’t show what I saw.  Lots to learn about this, obviously.

It was very hard to return home and now I feel like I have three lives: work life, home life and vacation life.  Sigh.  It will sure be nice when I can narrow that down to just two–I don’t need to tell you which two I’m referring to, I’m certain.

Hoping to return to the vacation life on June 18, if all goes well. I plan to use up several of my 10 weeks annual leave before fall!


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