Ooops. Backtracking.

I just discovered this draft post sitting in my “dashboard” and realized I never posted it.  It looks okay and, even if out of chronological order, I’d still like to share it.  So here ya go…..from April 18:

Lots of stuff going on today, but how about these gorgeous lilacs?  Photos taken with my brand new Nikon. 

Lilacs are my favorite flower and usually blooming on my birthday (4/22), but occasionally (as in this year) they bloom early and are all over and done by that same date.  So I picked a bunch to enjoy as they are so fleeting.  We have a huge bush right outside our front door and I do enjoy them.  I consider them my birthday flower and a perfect representation of the spring season.  Oh and this beautiful purple vase was brought home today for $2 from a school yard sale that hubby attended.  Isn’t it perfect?  Purple is not a color I use in my decor, but it will be the lilac vase from here on.

Since we spent the evening with my brother Dave and his wife, Linda, they decided to celebrate my birthday early, too.  Linda created this amazingly decorated cake designed around my new camper and its surroundings. 

It has upside down Hershey kisses for wheels, chocolate chip river rocks, pale blue marshmallow creme “water” and gummi bear fish.  Russell Stover created the candy “knot” in the tree.  Toasted coconut marshmallows make the creek bank and the flowers at the base of the camper are created by green leaf tip decorator icing centered with multicolored candles as the flowers.  The trees and the outline of the camper are chocolate and the cake was, as well.  Incredible!  I hated to cut it.  But it was good. 🙂


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