Productive times.

I haven’t posted for awhile because I have been busy making stuff!  I had promised my daughter two skirts that we saw in Threads magazine and I didn’t quite get there by her birthday, but close enough.  No pattern needed for these, just measurements and some good instructions in the magazine.  It’s all simple rectangles and some slashes.  The rectangles get sewn in as “godets” (non-sewers may have to look that one up, sorry.) 

 The ivory knit was easy, except we made changes, but the black and ivory stripe was difficult because of trying to keep stripes straight and matched up on a very soft, wiggly knit.

 But she loves them, looks great in them, and they are very easy wash & wear, as well as very comfy in her car while traveling for work, which she does for many hours per week.

We also have a simple, pastel-striped sheath to make next, but we are working from a pattern we used when she was in her teens and there are some size changes to be made.  I couldn’t find a new one just like it, so I will have to wing it and hope for the best.

I also have been making things for myself….something I rarely do.  I have crocheted myself these wonderful wristlets from Etsy artist, whiletheyplay.  I think they look very cool and make me feel very feminine.  I think their practical use is that they can be used when the weather is cold and windy, but you still need the use of non-slippery fingers.  I guess I’ll find out next winter.:)

For more immediate use, I’ve been crocheting hats!  I have a couple of straw sun hats, but sometimes I need a hat for a bad hair day–more specifically, when I’m at the camper and cannot get my hair styled due to water issues.  I don’t need a sun hat with a big brim for going to breakfast, but I do need something that covers my head and makes me feel a little less “bedhead.”  So I crocheted this hat (pattern by the same designer that designed the wristlets above, which also could be a sun hat, but it’s kind of warm for that (fuzzy, bulky acrylic yarn.) 

 I found a pattern that is cooler, made with open crocheted stitches and cotton yarn, and made it in both white and sea mist green.  

The pattern is from Crochet Today magazine, April-May I think.

I have a whole list of future yarn projects, which I plan to work on while I’m at the camper this weekend.  We leave on Friday, the 18th, and will return the following Thursday.  I am counting the minutes till I’m back at my little paradise.  Jim has more work to do on it this time, but all I have to do is stay out of the way, which won’t be a problem for me.  Cripple Creek awaits.


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