We’re back.

Returned from VA on Thursday evening and immediately set about watering the garden.  Half way through, the thunder was roaring and we received some MOST welcome rain here.  I could almost hear the grass and my veggies saying, “aahhhhhhh.”  

It’s back to work tomorrow for me.  Not much excited about that, obviously.  We return to Cripple Creek around the middle of August for more vacationing and the family reunion.  I’ll be counting the days.

I bought this little plant some weeks ago and now that it’s blooming, I think it just might be the cutest plant I’ve ever seen.

These are the tiniest leaves and flowers I’ve ever seen and I left my finger and the dime in the photo for size relationship.  This plant is called “elfin thyme.”  It doesn’t have much of a thyme smell, but I do love it and would plant it in my walkways and such if it wasn’t an annual.  Way too much expense and time involved for an annual. But maybe next year I’ll put some in my rock garden.  I think it would be very happy  there for a summer.

We found this lovely specimen of a luna moth sleeping the day away on the side of our camper.

I assume he was sleeping, as they are nocturnal and this was midday.  He was huge–at least 4 1/2″–which is (supposedly) as large as they get.  Looked more like 6″ to me, but I didn’t have anything handy with which to measure him.

Don’t know about anyone else, but we are having probably the hottest June on record here.  I don’t think they can officially say that till the month is over and they figure the average daily high temps, but MAN, it is HOT!  I’ve lived here my whole life and I just don’t remember this many days of 90’s and upper 90’s ever in June.   It feels like summer has been here a long time and it just started.  I can’t imagine what July and August will be like.  And we need a lot more rain!


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