Home again, home again…

We enjoyed our stay at the camper in VA, but it ended with a hurried packing up and coming back a day before I would have liked.  Let’s just say it lends personal meaning to the phrase, “Good Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise.”   It was raining VERY hard for many hours, the local stations were putting our area in a “flash flood watch” and we figured if it was going to rain all the day the following day, as predicted, we weren’t going to miss anything by heading home.  We also figured we weren’t going to get any sleep getting up every hour to make sure we were still going to be able to get out, or worse, that a wall of water wasn’t heading our way from upstream in the mountains that surround are campsite.   So we packed up Tues. night and spent the night at the home of a kind family member (HIGH in the mountains, thank you very much), leaving Wed. am and arriving home Wed. around 5:45 pm.

We had a fine time till the rains came, attending the family reunion and relaxing.  Husband got some projects done that had been hanging and will be able to really enjoy the next trip, I think.  Not sure when that will be, but maybe late September.

I think our cat was quite happy to come home.  It was her first trip to a kennel and she’s about 11 years old.  She seemed very confused when we brought her home after being gone a full 8 days.  She is used to coming in and out at will and being fed on demand.  (What, your cat doesn’t have YOU trained yet?)  She was mostly in a cage and not able to go out and hunt or sit in a lap whenever she wanted.  I felt kind of guilty, but I can’t let my life decisions revolve around a cat. Anyhow, after a couple of hours of eating, testing my lap and looking out the front window,  she went out for a bit.  When she assured herself that the backyard was still hers, she returned and took a long nap in my lap while I caught up on “So You Think you Can Dance” and “Project Runway” (after unpacking and starting the laundry.)

I came home to find a message on my phone reminding me that I had an MD appt. for today, which I thought was next week and it was rather important, so I’m glad we came home.  So I got up and out and did some necessary shopping, along with the appointment.  Now I have to go have an endoscopy done next Friday, ick.  But necessary.  

Can’t believe summer is so far gone!  The kids in southeastern VA started back to school this Wednesday. 

I have no projects to share, since all I did while relaxing was read some novels.  I am thinking about Kindle or maybe Nook, since I was in Barnes & Noble and saw one demonstrated today.  It’s a pretty cool thing.


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