Oh my!

More than a month has gone by since I posted and we are getting ready to leave again.  I have not been inactive—-on the contrary, I’ve been busy, busy, busy.  I will post some photos of some baby things I’ve crocheted when we return, just haven’t gotten around to taking the pics yet. 

I began formal violin lessons this week.  I only really intend to learn to play by ear and be able to play mountain music for my own enjoyment.  I’ve been working on learning on my own for over a year and finally bit the bullet and found a teacher.  She is young and is classically trained, but she’s taught her own younger siblings and teaches others as well.  She asked what my goals were and my goal is NOT to play classical (though I love hearing it) and I don’t need to learn to read music.  I just want to play for the joy of it.  She is on board with helping me learn to hear the music and play what I hear.  She is not experienced with mountain music, but is happy to help me.  She has a younger sister who plays blue grass, so she will be joining us sometimes.  My teacher also plays guitar and will join me sometimes.

My first lesson was chock full of information for me to assimilate and practice will abound before my next lesson in a couple of weeks.   I’m off to practice now….

Will be leaving Sunday morning for the mountains (our last trip till next May) and will probably return Oct 4.  I’m looking for fall.  It was in the mid-90’s here today.  We broke a record.


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