Back to work.

We returned from the mountains Monday evening, a day earlier than planned due to yet more rain predictions.  Out of our 8 days away, we had only two pretty ones.  The rest of the time it was rainy and cold.  We finally fired up the little $3 heater Jim had found at a yard sale and it did a great job of keeping us comfy in the camper.

The two nice days were spent sitting by the creek, reading and crocheting (me), fishing (Jim) and yard sale-ing (both of us.)  We found some simple treasures and they followed us home.  While it rained we found other occupations, such as playing cards and Yahtzee, watching DVD’s on the laptop and reading (me.)  Jim wandered the countryside (via car) with a relative one day and enjoyed himself despite the rain.

I went back to work on Thurs. and now am off for a long weekend.  I love Columbus Day.  No gifts to buy, no turkey dinner to cook and no decorating is expected.  Just a day off from work.  Dig it.

Here are some parting shots….of the good days in Speedwell, VA.

Happy cows, NOT heading for California.

Isn't he a beauty?

Can't wait till next spring to get back to this.


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