Happy Saturday!

I’ve had a very good one.  Netted some good stuff at the flea market this morning; found a gorgeous jade green wool melton cloth ladies coat for $5.  I already took it apart, discarded the cheapo acetate lining, but saved the buttons, and then washed the wool in hot water and ran it through the dry to “felt” it.  It looks great.  The pieces are long but narrow, as the coat was made in several panels.  It will work fine for my future wool quilt for which I’ve been hoarding wool for years (probably 13-14??) 

I found nearly a bolt of white tulle for $1.  I already pulled off about half of it and shared with sis-in-law for her Christmas projects.  She’ll probably get hers used before I do mine, but it will be there when I want it.  Tulle is not expensive, but this much for $1 was more like FREE.

I found some Little Golden Books that I couldn’t resist for future grandchildren.  Some are duplicates of ones we had when our kids were little that have simply disappeared or fallen apart from love/use.  We had a lovely large copy of Home for a Bunny that I’m sure disintegrated somewhere.  I used to know the whole thing by heart.  Today I only bought books I already knew and loved.  Some books are just ‘eh’.  These were all keepers.

I spent some hours this afternoon trying to play a song by ear on my fiddle.  It’s my first effort at this and an assignment from my teacher.  I got to pick the songs and I found a song from Jewel’s LULLABY CD that I thought was simple, had an easy-to-hear fiddle melody which I love (so I won’t get too tired of hearing it repeatedly.)  Whew!  It was harder than I thought.  I presume it will get easier….or maybe the song I chose wasn’t as easy as I figured it would be.  Anyhow, I got about half way through and still am not sure of what I’ve got.  Will have to make a fresh start tomorrow.  I found the first note the most difficult. 

Just want to say to anyone who ever wanted to learn an instrument that it’s not too late no matter how old you are!  If you love the sound that your instrument makes and you really, really want to do it, you CAN.  I still can’t technically read music, but my fingers know where the notes are on my strings and I am making music (roughly defined, of course).  Now (so my teacher tells me) I have to make the music MY OWN.   I’m trying.  Now someone has to tell my right arm (that holds the bow) that it isn’t supposed to make the same motion as my left hand when I’m trying to make my sound a vibrato.  I feel like I’m trying to pat my head and rub my stomach.  Totally spastic.  Good thing I can laugh at myself, but no videos will be allowed.

Made myself do a little (very little) housework and bank account catch up and now I have to put clean sheets on my bed.  Looking forward to a productive day tomorrow and then a very short work week.  We are only working Mon. and Tues, as Wed. is a required furlough day and Thurs. & Friday are holidays for us.  Yay!  I’ll be cooking for Turkey day, so will have a busy couple of days and then can maybe clean up my sewing room so I can actually use it again. It’s gotten away from me…again.

I’ve been busy crocheting Christmas gifts, but can’t post photos till after the holiday.  Found a few patterns I really love.   The best part of the holiday for me is to make something for someone with my own hands, whether it is food or other things, and watch them truly enjoy it.  Wish I could do that for everyone, but some are easier than others when it comes to homemade.  I do like to give these sorts of things to neighbors, coworkers and a few family members.  I liked to give handmade things to special teachers when the kids were younger.  I thought the teachers who really inspired my kids deserved something special and made efforts to make something myself when possible.


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  1. Jen R. (emeraldsunshine.org)
    Dec 03, 2010 @ 13:46:41

    All of that really inspires me to try my hand at more knitting/crocheting and other work with fibers.

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