Despite my best intentions to simplify Christmas this year, things have still gotten hectic in the last few days.  I’m so glad I have two days off before Saturday to wrap, clean and cook.  I’m trying to make it so I can avoid the stores during those two days, except for maybe a quick grocery trip.

I have made quite a few things this year, but only those that I really thought would be loved by the recipient.  Will post photos later.  I enjoyed this part immensely.  I don’t usually mind wrapping either, especially since the number of items is greatly reduced (with kids all grown and only one grandchild.)  I can take my time and be creative.  I do like to use old Christmas cards for gift tags and I use reusable cloth gift bags whenever possible when giving to people who will likely reuse them or they will stay within my household anyway.  (I make my own bags.)

I have had the good fortune to interact with a family who celebrates Christmas minimally and does little gifting.  It’s hard to explain, but these people think I’m giving them a lot, by sharing some things that I love to share, but it is really ME who is being enriched…by being the recipient of appreciation, gratitude and the opportunity to give something that just naturally wants to pour out of me anyway. Without being detailed and lengthy here, it is just a relationship that is serendipitous for all of us.  There is a synergy here that I cannot explain, but it is something that is making my holiday spirit soar when not much else has worked.

Blessed Solstice to all!


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