Warmest Wishes to ALL!

Whatever you celebrate, I wish all who read this a warm, safe and peaceful holiday season, full of love and contentment with what you have.  A little sparkly gifting is great, but the important thing is the time we spend with each other.

Finishing up the baking (pie!) and wrapping (almost done) and then a quick straightening and vacuuming.  I can’t wait to give some of my little handmade things to special people!  Made hubby a coupon book for his birthday today.  He loves those…with things like foot rubs and favorite desserts and such.  It’s fairly easy to do nice ones these days on the computer, but he also loved the ones I did years ago, where everything was hand written.  So I added some silly line drawings to the printed pages.  It’s great fun to do and is a very personal gift, being so customized to the loved one’s favorite things.  And it’s free, so easy to give to those who have everything (or are picky….not speaking of Jim here!)

I’ll be back next week with photos.  Stay warm and cozy!  Ahhhh, I smell my apple pie baking…..back to the wrapping now.


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