Handmade Christmas

I did make several handmade things for Christmas/Birthday gifts this year (we have several birthdays in my family between 12/21 and 12/24!) and I promised photos.  I didn’t get them taken before they were wrapped and given, so I am using some photos taken from magazines, some links, and in one case a photo of my own item that I decided to keep.

These are my own fingerless gloves that I made from a pattern in Crochet Today.


I made two pairs for gifts in teal green and they were very warmly received.  The gifted ones were made from a wool/alpaca yarn.  Mine pictured here were from a Lion Brand yarn that looks like natural fiber but is not and is fully machine washable and dryable.  I love them!  These may not seem practical at first glance, but they are great at keeping the cold winds from blowing up your sleeve and you can still do a number of functions without removing them (e.g. drive and pay your bill at the drive thru.)  I don’t even take mine off in the grocery store and, therefore, I don’t lose them when they fall out of my pocket.

Next up is a necklace featured in Crochet Today last spring as a bridal item, but I made it in black with some black faceted beads.  They had just enough facets to add a subtle sparkle.  The black is a gorgeous contrast on my blonde, fair-skinned daughter.

This is probably the only one I will make (unless one of my daughters actually wants a bridal one at some point in the future.)  The pattern was a pain and I actually had to pull out several rows and redo them.  Not a fault of the pattern, just user error from a tired crocheter working on an extremely detailed item.  I am pleased with the final product and hope it will be an heirloom.

Next up are some earrings, also from Crochet Today.  Apologies for the fuzzy photo.

 I made 5 pairs of these and kind of got addicted to making them, though it took me about 5 tries before I got the hang of it and was satisfied enough to not pull it out and start over.   The pattern isn’t difficult–it’s only 4 rows, but working with the tiny hook around the earring hoop had quite the learning curve. (These are 40 mm hoops.)  I made them mostly in black so that they could be worn a lot, but also made a set in a blue/lilac/green varigated thread.  I plan to make some for myself now (red for Valentines Day and maybe some black ones.)  

I made several other sets of fingerless gloves in the design shown here:

These are from Etsy artist “whiletheyplay” and she has many other designs, as well.  She sells her own handmades, but she also offers quite a few as patterns and I was lucky enough to buy 3 patterns for $10 awhile back.  I love how they worked up.  I made these in several colors and added unique buttons from my own collection.  My favorites were the red ones I gave my sister-in-law that have multicolored ceramic buttons.  They were stunning.  And some black ones for my sister with silver and black buttons….very chic.  I couldn’t resist and made one of these for myself, as well, in varigated cream/tan/green with a tortoise shell button to match my winter coat. 

I hope I’ve inspired someone else to make some handmade gifts.  It gave me more pleasure than anything else in my holiday.  I wish I could find things for everyone on my list that would be received as well, but some people (men mostly) are harder to do handmades for.  At least the ones in my family, anyhow. 

I’m back to working very hard on my fiddling and planning some handmade home items, like cloth “paper towels” and napkins.  Then on to recovering the booth cushions from the camper (yuk) and making curtains for same camper (double yuk.)  It’s got to be done.  Maybe by spring I can do something fun again.


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