She’s a Beauty

My 23-year-old electronic sewing machine that was a huge investment has kicked the bucket.  I used that machine to make everything from simple curtains, to full sized quilts, to suits, dresses, blouses, baby clothes, prom dresses and wedding veils.  It has been a great machine and owes me nothing.  But I was saddened when it stopped making decent stitches AGAIN.  I spent over $175 in the past two years, divided between two repairmen, and just couldn’t make myself do that again.

I have lots of other vintage and antique machines.  Only one other machine will do a zigzag and I have no buttonhole attachment for it, so I really needed a new machine and I did serious research before settling on the Brother Project Runway machine.  Here she is:

It can do nearly 300 stitches and has all sorts of bells and whistles that I can’t wait to try out.  I’m so happy to have a 3 day weekend coming to play with it!  It arrived Thursday and I sat with it long enough to figure out how to wind a bobbin.  Did it!   I’m too tired tonight (Thursday) to get into it much, but I’m excited to try EVERYTHING ASAP.

I did buy from Amazon because there are no authorized Brother dealers close by, the sale price was fantastic and shipping was free. (We just got our tax refund.)  It arrived in 6 days and it feels like Christmas to me!  I told Jim it could be my Valentines AND birthday presents.  Doing a happy sewing machine dance here.

Added 2/20/11:  I have tried most of the decorative stitches, the buttonholes and made sure everything really works and I’m impressed.  I guess I’ll have to reserve a true opinion on whether it was a bargain till after I’ve used if for a few years and not had any trouble with it.  But it was what I could afford and has everything I wanted.  My favorite new thing is that when you are finished sewing you just push a button and it cuts your thread and lifts up the needle.  All you have to do is lift the presser foot and take out your fabric.  You can even make it do automatic reinforcement stitches before you cut the threads, but I’m not sure I want to do that.  We’ll see.  For anyone looking for a good machine for quilting related sewing, this one is not marketed that way, but it has all the features and stitches you would want for that and a large flat bed work area can be purchased if you desire.

It is also not marketed as an “heirloom” sewing machine but it has all of those special stitches, too.  And three alphabets, too!

Added 3/16/11:  The needle threader sucks.  But then, it is the one thing that reviews consistently mentioned was not good.  It’s virtually useless.  Out of about 25 tries, it only worked once.  Sheesh.  I can still thread my own needle, but as my eyesight is not as good as it once was, I was hoping for a little help there.  The one on my Babylock serger works fine.  Why can’t this one?

Added 10/01/11:  The problem with the needle threader seems to have been operator error.  When I have the settings correct for the this process, it works fine.  Shamefacedly walking away now………


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