Spring–not today.

We woke up to winter wonderland here this morning.  This is not at all typical for the region, but we were blessed with the beauty of it without much of the inconvenience.  It was nearly all gone by 4:00, except under the shade trees.  But in early morning it looked like this:

I’m so glad I brought in some spring time from my front yard, so I could still remember what season it really is.

I made a great dinner tonight that I will definitely duplicate on other occasions.  We had a wonderful pork tenderloin with a cocoa spice rub.  The recipe is one I found a couple of years ago in Food Network.  The recipe for the rub makes enough for several uses, and it keeps well on the shelf for several months, so it’s well worth the time it takes to put it together.  The meat is first rubbed with the spices and then seared with olive oil on all sides and finished in the oven.  It always takes longer to finish than what the recipe says, but it is always wonderful tasting.

I decided to not use a jarred applesauce with this wonderful meat dish (though I often do) so I found a simple recipe for Fried Apples to make it special.  I cheated with a box of original Rice A Roni, but it was perfect with our sweet pork/apple combo.  I can only handle so many things going on at one time, so I often opt for one dish that can just sit and simmer during that final half hour before the meal is done. 

The meal was outrageously good and Jim and I had to make ourselves stop eating because we were so full, even though our taste buds still wanted more. 

I’ve been productive lately, but have not finished the mose recent project, which is to recover our booth cushions from the camper.  It is a tedious project, but it’s going to make a huge change and will be the first real effort at gradually changing the color scheme from 70’s gold/brown to a more current grey-blue with white and beige.  I decided to not replace the foam bases (outrageously expensive) annd just recover the whole thing.  Since the fabric is not machine washable and will be spot cleaned only, there was no need for a zipper, so I just fit it around, pinned it and took it to the machine to sew.  I only need to hand sew one end to finish it. 

But….the cushions were button-tufted, so I needed to remove the original ones and cover new metal buttons with the matching fabric and then sew them on when the cover was otherwise done.  As I said…tedious.  But I really like the new fabric and I’m looking forward to photographing it for here when all four are done. Yes, that’s two backs and two seats.  I’m going back to it now, so see you later.


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