Project finished–Whew!

I finally finished recovering the last of the camper cushions last Sunday and here they are.  I tried a couple of different methods and all them were tedious.  So glad to have this done.  It will improve the look of things immensely. 

There is some variation in the fabrics that wasn’t obvious to me when I bought the two separate remnants and the last one had to applied with the “nap” running in a side-to-side instead of up and down direction, so that causes a different look, too, but I am not going to obsess about these things….because it is a camper.  For home, my usual perfectionist viewpoint would have caused me to freak out and buy more fabric, but I make a deliberate effort not to be like that about the camper, because it takes away too much of the fun and relaxation of the thing. 

Here is a photo of the 4 blankets Jim found at the flea market last week. 

We know they don’t match, but they will be perfect to cover the ugly gold/beige/brown sofa and chair at said camper.  I’d rather the mixed-up colors than what’s there, believe me.  The bright one might just be an extra cover for hard times (a wrap on chilly days maybe) as it doesn’t really go with anything, but it is pretty AND very soft.  The others are rather rough feeling, but perfect as an upholstery substitute.

I’m busy making lists of things to take……….looooooooong lists. This time we have to take back all the sheets and towels we brought home, along with two instruments, music books, and Jim’s equipment he needs for building a small deck.   And a new GPS, just purchased today!   I just got it set up and I’m hoping it is more up-to-date than the old one.  It’s been really helpful on certain occasions and not-so-much on others.  You just have to use common sense and sometimes that calls for split second decisions, but then, that happens even without a GPS, right?

Also have to load up on toiletries and similar.  We didn’t leave much there because of the possiblity of it freezing and making a mess or being unusable anyhow.  So, long lists of stuff.  But I figure if I think about it now, when I’m not stressed at the last minute, all I have to actually DO at the last minute is look at my list and check things off as they go into the vehicle.  Not so much thinking. 

We also looked at small digital t.v.’s and inexpensive DVD players while at Walmart.  We plan to pick those up this trip, but we can easily buy them at the local Wally World in the area where we are going and not have to fill up the car with more stuff now.   

I’m itching to get on the road now.  Just two more days to work and I’ll be on my way to the beautiful old Appalachians mountains and my litte retreat on Cripple Creek.


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