Vacation days

We had a lovely time at the camper, despite hailstorms, wind, torrential rain and even our last night being without power all night.  There were some beautiful hours spent sitting by the creek doing crossword puzzles (I got addicted) and lots of time spent playing cards with hubby (I AM the 500 Rummy Goddess for the 2nd time in my history) and practicing piano and fiddle.  Weather was cool when we arrived and we used our small heater the first two nights, but later it was all a/c.  When we arrived home on Wed. evening, it was 92 here!   Strange how it was cooler–and very much wetter–in the south than it was here. 

Hubby got us a simple deck built that will be quite serviceable for eating out and just sitting.  It also does a lot to eliminate mud, grass and leaves from being tracked into the camper constantly.  I’d rather sweep the deck a couple of times a day than the camper every time we come in.  

I’m sorry he had to spend so many hours on a project, but it’s done now, unless we decide to add wooden steps (my vote is that it isn’t necessary….cinder blocks and the old step that was already there will be fine.)  I’m hoping that’s the last project that has to take up any real time from his relaxation.  He’s going to take the router next time and just round the front edge of the deck, so we can sit there without splinters, but that will only take 10 minutes. 

 The recovered cushions looked really good with the table we recovered last summer.  We covered the ugly old brown laminate with a thin layer of batting and then a thrift store damask tablecloth and a thick clear plastic.  It looks really nice and wipes clean easily.  Next up will be new curtains for the booth area and over the sink.  I’m trying to divide the projects up in manageable pieces, so I don’t feel overwhelmed, because that defeats the purpose of the camper.


Here you see the table and new booth cushions, along with one of the items with which I occupied my time. 

And then there were those blankets we brought with us to cover the old gold and brown striped sofa and chair.  They worked out fantastically!

As you can see, the chair is fine and in the next photo, you’ll see the other two blankets covering the sofa, along with another of my camper pasttimes.

All I can say is that it is cozy, comfortable and washable and hides the hateful colors.  Things are definitely improving visually.  We broke down and bought a small LCD t.v. that has a built-in DVD player.  It was quite the bargain.  If it was only me, I don’t need it.  I have plenty of other ways to entertain myself when it’s raining, blowing, etc.  But Jim does not.  He NEEDS the t.v.  Right now, the antenna isn’t working and we don’t have cable, of course, so that’s an issue for another time, but he was able to watch DVD’s when other projects or fishing were not options. We would like to be able to get the local news and weather, but we do have a great radio that provided us with good weather warnings and such, so it is not really a necessity for safety reasons.

Our main source of entertainment, however, is this:

 Sometime I will upgrade my blog services and be able to place videos on here, but for now, just imagine the sounds of a rushing stream and lots of birdsong 🙂

Oh, I forgot…..the other blanket we brought that is brightly colored?  We used it for a colorful extra throw on our bed and at night it is VERY functional when placed over the window where the security light shines in.  Even with the blinds closed that window is too bright just two feet away from my eyes.  I’m so glad we brought that blanket!

 One more image that surprised and pleased us….

This was the lowest gas price we saw anywhere on our travels and it was only 2 miles from our camper.  And right across the street from our favorite breakfast diner, Glenny’s.

It’s just a homey little place where the locals eat and it’s Jim’s favorite way to start the day when we are “local.”  They have a breakfast called a “Black Eye” that includes biscuits and gravy, eggs, sausage, bacon and coffee.  He’s a very happy man when we leave.  (I don’t care for gravy in my breakfast, but everything else is very good, too.  But with Diet Pepsi 🙂


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